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The influence of natural hazards on soil degradation and agro-industrial complex in the crimea

The influence of natural hazards on soil degradation and agro-industrial complex in the crimea

V. S. Pashtetsky, K. G. Zhenchenko, A. V. Prikhodko

Institute of Agriculture of Crimea, 95453, Crimea, Simferopol, str. Kiev, 150

Under discussion are the data about adverse effects of unfavorable natural phenomena associated with the high temperature regime, low precipitation and strong winds on the soil erosion, the development and formation of crop yield. The state of forest shelterbelts and their ecological significance as well as the role played by forest-ameliorative and soil protection measures are shown in the Republic of Crimea.

Keywords: droughts, soil erosion, forest shelterbelts, agroecology, fertility, yield.


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