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Bulletin №86


Soil morphology: new challenges and opportunities

A. L. Ivanov (p. 3-7)

Morphological soil description for classifying soils and interpteting their genesis 

М. I. Gerasimova, and N. B. Khitrov (p. 8-16)

Current trends in soil micromorphology: bibliometric approach

M. P. Lebedeva, I. V. Kovda, M. I. Gerasimova, and E. V. Dostovalova (p. 17-27)

Tomography in soil science 

E. B. Skvortsova, E. V. Shein, K. N. Abrosimov, K. M. Gerke, D. V. Korost, K. A. Romanenko, V. S. Belokhin, and A. V.  Dembovetskii (p. 28-34)

Soil micromorphology in archaeology: history, objectives, possibilities and prospects 

M. A. Bronnikova, A. V. Panin, V. V. Murasheva, and A. A. Golyeva (p. 35-45)

The color of soils as a basis for proximal sensing of their composition

I. Yu. Savin, E. Yu. Prudnikova, N. A. Vasilyeva, I. V. Veretelnikova, and A. N. Bairamov (p. 46-52)

Role of cryogenic processes in the organization of soils at macro-, meso- and micro-levels

S. V. Gubin (p. 53-63)

Hierarchical morphogenetic analysis of Kursk chernozem

М. I. Gerasimova, М. A. Bronnikova, N. B. Khitrov, and I. G. Shorkunov (p. 64-76)

Solonetzic soilscapes in the Northern Caspian lowland: local and spatial heterogeneity of pedofeatures and their changes in time

M. P. Lebedeva, and M. V. Konyushkova (p. 77-95)

Salt and gypsum pedofeatures as indicators of soil processes

I. A. Yamnova (p. 96-102)

Endolithic and hypolithic soil-like systems: structure and composition from the macro- to submicro-levels

N. S. Mergelov, I. G. Shorkunov, A. V. Dolgikh, V. A. Shishkov, E. P. Zazovskaya, V. O. Targulian, and S. V. Goryachkin (p. 103-114)

Morphogenetic basis of the unified state register of soil resources of Russia

V. S. Stolbovoy, E. N. Molchanov, and B. V. Sheremet (p. 115-123)

Variations in the lateral morphological differentiation of gilgai soil complexes

N. B. Khitrov (p. 124-133)

Central image of vertisols: evolution of concepts of their morphology and genesis

I. V. Kovda, M. P. Lebedeva, and E. G. Morgun (p. 134-142)

Morphological record of pedogenesis and landscape evolution in the upper quaternary pedosediments within the Upper Volga river basin

A. V. Rusakov, and S. N. Sedov (p. 143-153)

Microbiomorphic analysis as part of micromorphological investigations: composition, diagnostics and informative capacity for paleoenvironmental reconstructions

A. A. Golyeva (p. 154-160)