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ns12 Morphogenetic basis of the unified state register of soil resources of Russia

V. S. Stolbovoy, E. N. Molchanov, and B. V. Sheremet

Dokuchaev Soil Science Institute, Pyzhevskiy per. 7, Moscow 119017, Russia

Nomenclature and taxonomic diversity of soils and their horizon-profile diagnostics/descriptions define morphogenetic soil indicators used in the Unified State Register of Soil Resources of Russia (with Russian abbreviation of EGRPR). Most of these soil indicators are of non-metric origin, i.e., established conventionally by agreement. Subject area of soil science includes a hierarchy of 5 types of soil objects (pit, profile, horizon, morphological element and sample), 380 indicators, 607 methods and 3019 values of the indicators.

Key words: unified state register of soil resources, soils, morphogenetic characteristics

DOI: 10.19047/0136-1694-2016-86-115-123

For citation: Stolbovoy V.S., Molchanov E.N., Sheremet B.V. Morphogenetic basis of the unified state register of soil resources of Russia, Byulleten Pochvennogo instituta im. V.V. Dokuchaeva, 2016, Vol. 86, pp. 115-123. doi: 10.19047/0136-1694-2016-86-115-123


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