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ns7 Role of cryogenic processes in the organization of soils at macro-, meso- and micro-levels

S. V. Gubin

Institute of Physico-Chemical and Biological Problems in Soil Science, Russian Academy of Sciences, Institutskaya 2, Pushchino142290, Russia 

Cryogenic processes that occur in permafrost-affected and perennially frozen soils are analyzed and systematized. Their influences are observed at the three levels of soil organization. Thin sections are prepared from thawed and frozen soil samples.

Key words: levels of soil structural organization, cryogenic processes, Cryosol.

DOI: 10.19047/0136-1694-2016-86-53-63

For citation: Gubin S.V. Role of cryogenic processes in the organization of soils at macro-, meso- and micro-levels, Byulleten Pochvennogo instituta im. V.V. Dokuchaeva, 2016, Vol. 86, pp. 53-63. doi: 10.19047/0136-1694-2016-86-53-63


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