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Bulletin №87


The specificities of the temperature regime of seasonaly freezing soils of tundra landscape of European North East of Russia

D. A. Kaverin, A. V. Pastukhov (p. 3-21)

Palevye soils with a bleached horizon developing from carbonate-free rocks in the Classification System of Russian Soils

T. V. Ananko, D. E. Konyushkov, M. I. Gerasimova (p. 22-38)

The input of the climatic factors in the temperature regime of soils of discontinuous permafrost of Northern Taiga of Western Siberia

O. Yu. Goncharova, G. V. Matyshak, A. A. Bobrik, D. G. Petrov, M. O. Tarkhov, M. M. Udovenko (p. 39-54)

The expirience of creation of soil-ecological map of Yamal-Nenets autonomous district

I. S. Mikhailov, S. I. Mikhailov (p. 55-72)

The diversity of the morphometric profiles of the pore space in soddy-podzolic and gray forest soils of East European plain

E. B. Skvortsova, V. A. Rozhkov, A. V. Yudina, N. A. Vasil’eva (p. 73-85)

The degradation of the mountain chernozems of the slope of djinal ridge (Central Caucasus) and its ecologic and economic consequences

E. N. Molchanov, I. Yu. Savin, V. V. Razumov, O. A. Makarov,  E. V. Tsvetnov, Ya. R. Ermiyaev, E. A. Shishkonakova, S. M. Harzinov (p. 86-99)

The method of microbiological soil investigations within the framework of the project “Microbiome of Russia”

T. I. Chernov, V. A. Kholodov, B. M. Kogut, A. L. Ivanov (p. 100-113)

Water potential in conditions of soil solution phase change and during the year

N. A. Muromtsev, K. B. Anisimov, N. A. Semenov, V. V. Gribov (p. 114-127)